CCF- Faculty/Senior Postdoctoral Award

Proposal Instructions

The HDR@UCR Continuity Collaboratory Fellowships aims to fill gaps in research and database management in ongoing community based health disparities research projects.  The HDR@UCR is offering up to four $50,000 awards [additional funds may be available up to $10,000].  

Applicants must propose a “continuity activities plan” that will support existing community based health disparities projects. Each project’s continuity activities plan is unique, but may include data collection, analysis, dissemination activities, and planning activities. Award funds may be used for research-related expenses (e.g. data collection, participant compensation, transcription, dissemination activities), or research personnel including stipends for postdoctoral fellows or community partners.

Applicants must be UCR faculty members or senior postdoctoral fellows. Eligible projects include work from any discipline that address health disparities and have a community-based component. We will give additional weight to collaborative projects that include investigators from different professorial ranks or graduate students, practitioners, and/or community partners. Preference will be given to projects that uplift best practices for community-engaged research and aim to improve practice and policy to reduce health disparities. 

Selected applicants will be required to:
  1. Submit a report describing the results achieved and next steps for the project (including a plan to securing additional funds for the project)
  2. Participate in courses supported by the HDR@UCR; and 
  3. Participate in the annual HDR@UCR research symposium. 

The report should include:  A brief overview of the project, brief biography of all team members, summary of activities carried out (including research activities, presentations, publications, training completed by team members), and steps taken to elevate the project into next phase including identifying/applying for next funding source. Report is due one month after the funding period. 

Applications should be submitted as a single PDF file that includes all components (abstract, project proposal, budget, biosketch/es).

Components of the Proposal

  1. Project Title
  2. Project Abstract (300 words, separate cover page, does not count in page limit)
  3. Proposal: Should be based on existing research you are seeking continuity funding for (Sections a-e, no more than 6 pages)
    • Background and Significance 
    • Relevance to health disparities 
    • Research design and methods (including community based nature of project)
    • Continuity Activities and any mentoring plans
    • Products to be produced and plan to secure additional funds 
  4.  Timeline for project activities (Does not count in page limit)
  5. References cited (Does not count in page limit)
  6. Budget and budget justification (Does not count in page limit)
  7. Applicant biosketch(es) – (NIH Biosketch format is preferred – for instructions see ). 

Review Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated utilizing multiple criteria. Successful proposals will be those that propose activities that will help the project prepare for and successfully apply for additional external funding. 

  • Addresses a health disparity
  • Uplifts best practices for community-engaged research and identifies key community partners
  • Potential for policy or practice impact, or to build the capacity of community to address health disparities. 
  • Continuity activities plan includes activities that will supporting applying for additional external funding. 

If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Cecilia Ayón at