Grow Well Story Maps


Please check out our Story Maps created by our undergraduate research assistants, Karla Carrillo, Stephanie Estrada, and Arianna Zimmer with the help Center of Health Disparities (CHD) project coordinator Katheryn Rodriguez.

Learn more about Early Head Start and the significance of having them as our collaborator in Part 1 of the story map and Part 2 of the series. 

Please check out the Story Maps created by our graduate student researcher, Sahar Foruzan M.A., and our undergraduate research assistants, Isabelle Swanson and Preeti Juturu with the help Center of Health Disparities (CHD) team. 


           Exposing the Desert: Environmental Justice in California's Desert Wetland
Exposing the Desert I is the first in a series capturing the impact of the "Childhood Asthma and the Salton Sea" project. 

          Exposing the Desert Part II: Environmental Justice in California's Desert Wetland

Exposing the Desert II focuses on HDR@UCR and the four researchers with the R01 project. Included is an introduction to remind readers of the health and environmental issues around the Salton Sea and a brief section about the goals of HDR@UCR; followed by questions each researcher is focusing on, what they are currently doing, what they plan to do, and what challenges they have faced during their projects.

         Exposing the Desert Part III: Policy and Programs at the Salton Sea

Exposing the Desert III focuses on an overview of the discussions and plans currently in place that aim to improve the conditions at the Salton Sea.