Community Engagement and Dissemination Core (CEDC)


The Community Engagement and Dissemination Core (CEDC) will foster collaborations that promote community engagement in the design, dissemination, implementation of research supported by the HDR@UCR Center and provide community members and stakeholders with opportunities to shape the research agenda. 

Our specific aims are to:

  1. Create a Community Engagement Studio that will serve as a hub for HDR@UCR community engaged proposal development, implementation, and dissemination activities.
  2. Serve as a boundary spanner between HDR@UCR researchers, and Coachella Valley and inland southern California community groups, health care delivery systems, and policy makers by facilitating stakeholder input into the HDR@UCR research agenda directed by our Community Advisory Board.
  3. Through dissemination efforts, build and strengthen a shared community focus on health disparities and equity. 


  • Michelle Burroughs MPH, Lead CEDC,& Director of Community Engagement and Outreach, Social Medicine, Population and Public Health (SMPPH) and for the Center for Healthy Communities, (CHC)
  • Selina Hernandez MPH, Health Disparities Research/Center for Healthy Communities Community Relations Specialist, CEDC
  • Katheryn Rodriguez, program manager CEDC
  • Sahar Foruzan, graduate student researcher CEDC, Anthropology, College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS)
  • Joshua Liashenko Ph.D, Postdoctoral scholar CEDC, Social Medicine, Population and Public Health (SMPPH)

Community Advisory Board:

  • Paulette Brown, Voice Media Ventures
  • Jonathan Buffong, San Bernardino County, Department of Behavioral Health
  • Italia Garcia, District Representative for Senator Richard D. Roth
  • John Epps, Regional Access Project Foundation
  • Browyn Leebaw, University of California Riverside Political Science
  • Maria Machuca, County of Riverside-Department of Public Social Services, Mecca Family & Farmworker’s Service Center
  • Georgia Martinez, SAC Health System
  • Jeff Taylor, dba HIV+Aging Research Project-Palm Springs
  • Wendy Hetherington,  Riverside University Health System
  • Jacob Rostovsky, Queer Works
  • Anthony Velasco, DAP Health

Community Engagement Studios

The Community Engagement Studio is a consultative session for researchers interested in getting input on their work from patients, caregivers, health care providers, community members and other non-researcher stakeholders. A panel of stakeholders(whose characteristics are defined by the researcher) will be assembled to provide feedback to enhance the planning, design, implementation, translation or dissemination of your research.

The CE Studio can be a valuable experience for researchers at any stage in the research process and transforms the way community members and researchers work together.

Faculty, post-docs, fellows, and graduate students who are interested in receiving feedback from their population of interest on the relevance and feasibility of their research ideas have reported positive impacts on their projects and proposals.


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For more information or additional questions, please contact Katheryn Rodriguez by email.